About Us

PE Global Development Strategies (GDS), Ukraine, is a private company, belonging to the manufacturing-trading group in Ukraine, specializing in supply of Ukrainian agri-commodities as grains, oil seeds, pulses, oils and meals.

Mission of GDS is to meet our client's purchase needs in food and feed commodities and build trade partnership in sake of sustainable mutual benefit.


We ship from Ukraine:

- grains: wheat, yellow corn, barley

- oil seeds: sunflower seeds, linseeds (flaxseeds), rapeseeds, soybeans

- pulses: yellow peas, green peas

- sunflower oil, sunflower cake, sunflower meal

- white sugar, wheat flour, wheat brans

- mineral fertilizers


GDS supplies Ukrainian agri-commodiities that are competitive in all world. We are transperant and flexible to meet our buyers purchase need. We apply internationally recognised standards in logistics, payments, inspection. 

More details are in our section PRODUCTS. Please send your inquiry to info@gds.co.ua , export_agro@gds.co.ua